How to Fix Common Game Killer Errors

Of course we will help you with your troubles while using Game Killer. Game Killer is built with series of codes that are prone to bugs and common code errors. We are constantly updating Game Killer with the help of reported bugs by users and carried it out fixed in the next update.

Below are common Game Killer errors and how to fix them.

Root previledge is needed error.

Note that Game Killer uses android features that are not available on factory default android version. You need to root your android device to enjoy full functions of Game Killer. Here's how you can root your android device. Rooting your android device is really easy. No need of those mind-boogling codes or hacking software.

My phone is already rooted but I still get the root previledge error.

There must be malfunctions on your root process or you may have a buggy rooted version android os. To fix this you can try to install Root checker application or Root fixer application available on playstore.

I can't find the value needed to edit.

If you have carefully read our tutorial on how to use Game Killer then you should get no problem. But if still can't find what is the right value then I am afraid to say that the game may be cheat-proof.

I have edited the right values but still the value haven't change a bit.

It may be the wrong value or the application change the value right away there are application that fake values to avoid cheats. You can still use other Game Killer features right searching for the changed value although not the exact. You can search for the increementing value if you have gained resources or decreementing value if you have used resources.

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